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Perfect smile with Briliant

For Home Use

Safety Features

Intraoral Camera

Highlighting Plaque




Briliant dental scaler app screen
Briliant dental scaler


The Brilliant Dental Scaler device uses the latest technology link with your smartphone via Bluetooth

The Brilliant device has two tips each for left and right-handed individuals, making it ergono mic and intuitive for all users

The intelligent software records teeth' health over time. This information can be used by dentists to monitor progress.

Quantitative light-induced fluorescence technology highlights plaque, making it fluoresce in red. A yellow high-pass filter is applied to remove blue radiation from the image, improving the contrast significantly.

Improves oral health by removing plaque and calculus, the leading causes of gingivitis, from teeth. Reduces the likelihood of gum disease through prevention.

Enables consumers to do home-based, effective plaque and calculus removal. Using a camera, the Brilliant device allows users to pinpoint exactly where teeth need cleaning

Makes specialized oral care accessible for those interested in greater teeth care, those wanting to save on dental cleaning costs, and those who live in rural areas. Saves time and money by reducing the need for regular dental hygienist visits.

Offers a safe way to remove plaque without damaging the gums or enamel. Equipped with three sonification settings to match the amount of care teeth need to be cleaned. Sensors protect gums and enamel from damage.

The Brilliant device uses its intraoral camera to make finding and eliminating plaque easy for the user. What makes this device truly unique is the innovative use of UV light and a yellow filter to highlight plaque, making it extremely easy to see through the Brilliant smartphone application.


Automatic and timed shutoff to prevent injury

Four ultrasonic frequencies from

Peltier coolers maintain low scaler tip temperatures


Dental Scaler

A professional-grade, home-based dental scaler with a built-in video camera that enables anyone to effectively remove plaque and calculus. Equipped with safety controls, the Brilliant device offers a safe way to remove plaque without damaging gums or enamel. The Brilliant device uses modern Peltier cooling technology to reduce tip heat quickly and effectively for safe home use. Three sonification settings assure teeth are cleaned comfortably and safely.

  • Peltier Coolers: Professional dental scalers effectively remove plaque with ultrasonic vibrations in the 15 – 35kHz range. But these frequencies quickly heat the scaler’s tip, which can lead to severe enamel damage. The Brilliant device uses modern Peltier cooling technology to quickly and effectively reduce tip heat for safe home-based use.

  • High Tech Camera: The micro-camera in the scaler’s tip allows the user to see and effectively clean plaque using the most and efficient technique.

  • Plaque Fluorescence: The scaler is equipped with a near-UV LED light (405 nm) that induces fluorescence in plaque. The LED is located on both sides of the camera to give consistent lighting with no shadows. The blue light is only used for plaque identification prior to, and after, scaling. White light is used during the scaling process to make teeth more visible.

  • Automatic Shutoff: Built-in safety mechanisms prevent users from injuring teeth and gums. The scientifically engineered safety tip features an automatic shutoff mechanism activated by excessive tip pressure, ensuring maximum teeth and gum protection.

  • Designed with Safety in Mind: The latest technology is used because the Brilliant device is designed with your health and safety in mind. Keep your teeth clean effectively and efficiently at home!

Mobile App

The camera connects to your phone so that areas requiring cleaning are easily visible, and for monitoring progress easily. The software enhances the visibility of plaque so that spotting and cleaning problem areas with the Brilliant device becomes easy.

Our application is available for Android and iOS. A universal suction cup holder is supplied with your Brilliant Dental Scaler device. This attaches to a mirror and holds your phone in front of you for ease of use.

How It Works

How does
it works

Brilliant is the first-ever professional-grade dental scaler for home use without assistance. It is extremely easy to use thanks to the various built-in safety features and smart technology, such as the UV LED and a yellow filter that highlights plaque to make it easier to see and remove.

Step 1

Download the scaler smartphone app to your iPhone or Android device. The app provides an augmented reality video that shows the correct usage and what to avoid. Through the app, the Brilliant device educates the user on safe and effective teeth cleaning. Smart software also maps your mouth for the highest possible benefit.


Briliant dental scaler application

Speed Settings

  • Level 1 (Low: 5 kHz). This level is for sensitive teeth.

  • Level 2 (Medium: 15 kHz). The standard cleaning level and should work under most circumstances.

  • Level 3 (High: 25 kHz). This level is for in-depth cleaning. However, safety measures ensure automatic shutoff due to the tendency for temperatures to rise.

  1. Tips/scaler

  2. UV light+White LED

  3. Mini Camera

  4. Pressure Sensor

  5. Ring Peltier

  6. Ultrasonic stack transducer

  7. Piezo driver

  8. View/mode buttons

  9. CPU
  10. Battery

  11. Control buttons

  12. USB-C charging port



Briliant dental scaler components inside
Briliant dental scaler components

Adjustable phone mirror holder

Safety Controls

  • Pressure cannot rise above 10 PSI which protects enamel. o          

  • Temperature has to remain below 50°C.

  • Sonication power cannot exceed 25 kHz.

  • Angles of 15° are preferred for effective cleaning.

  • How long does the Brilliant device last with a full charge?
    A full charge will last 15 minutes. You only need to use the Brilliant device 1 –2 minutes per day for plaque removal, so the device can be charged once per week on average.
  • Is it safe to use the Brilliant device on my own to remove plaque?
    Yes! We designed the Brilliant device with safety in mind. It has several safety mechanisms that ensure automatic shut off if the device senses the potential for harm due to excess pressure, an incorrect angle, or using too long. Additionally, the tip prevents injuries through its rounded design instead of the sharp tip characteristic of most dental scalers.
  • Will the Brilliant device be as effective as going to the dentist? Can I replace going to the dentist forever?
    Yes and no. The Brilliant device is a professional-grade tool and uses the same frequencies as dental offices for plaque removal. Its purpose is to ensure a convenient “dentist level clean” every day. We still recommend going to the dentist for ongoing dental care issues (such as standard annual x-rays), but you can safely plan to go less often.
  • What is your warranty and repairs policy?
    We provide a 3-year warranty on all components of the Brilliant dental scaler device. Contact us for service if you experience any problems.
  • Do you deliver outside of Canada?
    At this moment we only serve the Canadian market. Please contact us to let us know which country you would like to order from.
  • What does the UV light do?
    The UV light makes it easier to see plaque when viewed through the built-in intraoral camera
  • How long should I charge the Brilliant device?
    We recommend charging for at least 30 minutes.
  • How often should I use the Brilliant device to remove plaque?
    We recommend descaling your teeth once every 3 months.

Our Team

Briliant Farnoush Emami

Farnoush Emami

Farnoosh is a seasoned dentist with over

20 years’ experience in various hospitals and clinics. She founded her dental clinic in 2005 and managed her staff besides diagnosing and treating dental issues and helping patients develop better oral hygiene routines

Briliant Aidin Soroudi

Aidin Soroudi

Aidin is an experienced dentist with 2 decades of experience in the industry. As the owner and manager of his dental clinics since 2005, beside his focus as a dentist, he was in charge of assessing patient dental health, performing scheduled cleanings, handling complex procedures, such as root canals, extractions, and oral surgery, and working with other staff members, such as dental hygienists and assistants, to provide clients with quality dental services. He is armed with a Dental equipment repairs certificate from Tehran Paytakht Technical complex, which helped him take care of the technical aspects of Brilliant which is a dental scaler for home use with enhanced automatic safety features.

Briliant Ensiyeh Abbasi

Ensiyeh Abbasi

Ensiyeh Abbasi is a skilled organizer and manager with 15 years in the healthcare sector. Her experience in hospital administration and sales management has refined her strategic planning, management, and customer relationship skills. At Brilliant, she uses her industry expertise and commitment to excellence to manage operations, focusing on the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced dental scalers for home use. Her background ensures Brilliant's efficiency and consistent delivery of innovative oral health products.

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